Dynamic Presentations

I conducted my presentation on the article Does Green Mean Healthy? Nutrition Label Color Affects Perceptions of Healthfulness by Jonathan Schuldt.

I enjoyed this assignment because I was able to take an in-depth look at the fascinating research on the topic of food manufacturer’s use of packaging to purposefully mislead consumers. This subject married by two of my interests: communications and nutrition.


Retrieved from liftingrevolution.com

I used  a combination of short bullet points, talking points and graphics to convey the message in this presentation. I reviewed this great article by Melanie Pinola on “How to Create Presentations that Don’t Suck” on Copyblogger. I was able to incorporate several of the key ideas, including not including too much information on each slide, avoiding complicated graphics and spiltting up complicated topics on multiple slides.

Retrieved from docstoc.com

Retrieved from docstoc.com

The most surprising part of the assignment was how much I enjoyed putting the PowerPoint presentation together. The reason I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this was because at work, I don’t like creating presentations. The big difference is the topic. At work I put together decks on technology, policy and projects which are pretty dry subjects. I’m not allowed to use creativity to develop graphics or a dynamic presentation. We have brand-approved presentation templates, graphics, icons and formats that I just plug and play content into, which makes it a bit more boring.

For my presentation, I used a green PowerPoint template, since the topic was about green food labels. I also chose a picture of myself wearing a green dress to stay with the theme. I used a variety of elements to help illustrations and graphs assist in telling the story. I combed the Internet for graphics that helped illustrate my points.

The challenging part of the assignment was using Screen-O-Matic to record my presentation. I recorded my presentation three times before finalizing the end product. During my third presentation, I felt great about my speech. However, after I uploaded it, I discovered an error occurred and it didn’t record my sound, only my slide advances. Back to the drawing board and the fourth time was the charm. Even with the technical difficulties, I loved the Screen-O-Matic Application and I see many uses for this tool. I would love to record a presentation on my new Lunch, by me! product and upload it to my blog.

I love how this class has challenged me to use new tools, software and communication channels I’ve never used before.

I hope you enjoy my presentation!


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