Connecting with Classmates

I met with two of my classmates, Angela Stalcup and Kim Madrigal, last week to discuss the Inquiry Project Research Paper.

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The sessions were extremely helpful and it was great to connect with my classmates. For both of the sessions, we emailed our paper to the reviewer, read, reviewed, made edits, and emailed our tracked changes back to the writer prior to the meeting. When making edits to the paper, I used a peer review checklist that I use in the workplace when I review my other’s writing. I created this checklist this year because we had an article publish with a few common errors that were overlooked. This list helps my team and I ensure that our communications are high quality when they publish. We look at a few key areas:

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  • Verb tense
  • Subject and verb agreement
  • Run-on sentences


  • Read aloud
  • Ensure follows APA Style
  • Cut out unnecessary words


  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization
  • Indentation

Both papers that I reviewed were excellent and required very little edits! The content flowed wonderfully and I enjoyed reading their interpretation of how their movies applied “equipment for living.”

I greatly enjoyed hearing their feedback on my paper and seeing the items that they caught! Sometimes it is difficult to see the errors in your own work when you are working on something so long. You look at it for such a long time that you end up overlooking obvious errors.

It was also great to connect with my classmates and discuss our experiences with the course.

This week I also visited the Writing Resource Center at Queens University. I met with Holly, who provided great feedback on my paper and was able to answer several APA Style questions that I had. I even stumped Holly with some of my APA questions, specifically one on quotation blocks from dialogue in a movie and she is currently researching this item further. It was reassuring to hear that even the expert in APA Style has a need to dig further to find the answers to some of these citation challenges. I am grateful that Queens University has a Writing Resource Center and I look forward to using it frequently!


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