Create and Recycle

recordclockI was excited for this assignment, but I was overwhelmed with the possibilities’. Did I want to use my daughter’s old clothes to make a blanket? Take a pair of my son’s jeans and make a purse? What about using some of my used applesauce jars? However, the piece of the assignment I focused on was taking trash and making something useful. I also wanted to use trash that was meaningful to me: that is when the record clock was born. I used an old Christmas record, which is definitely trash because I don’t even have a record player. On the record, my lucky number “222” appears (my birthday is February 22). The record is meaningful to me because Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year and I have my Christmas gingerbread man on display all year long. My kids and I then went to the playroom and scoured through all of the odds and ends that we were going to throw away to find trash to turn into treasure. I made each number on the clock with something that was meaningful to my kids and I.


1: The Starbucks coffee stirrer represents my love for coffee

2: My kids and I favorite movie of all time is Toy Story! This number two came from a Toy Story flash card. I made sure to leave Woody on the number to add fun.

3: The three came from a Leap Frog learning game that I play with my daughter.

4: The number four is from a Toy Story puzzle, which is our favorite movie.

5: We used this glittery number five on our Girl Scout World Thinking Day poster with my Girl Scout troop.

6: This die came from my daughter’s favorite game: Mouse Trap.

7: The ribbon I used to make the seven came from ribbons I bought to make my daughter’s Fourth of July bow.

8: My son used the same number eight with his school project on Egypt’s tomb.

9: The nine came from math flash cards I do with both of my kids.

10: The felt used to craft the number 10 came from a Christmas craft that my daughter and I did together.

11: We used the material from the 11 in a poster for the Christmas parade.

12: The 12:00 watch is from a flashcard used to teach time that my daughter and I use.


This was a fun activity that really sparked my creativity. My entire family got in on the action. My husband helped install the clock, my son helped me cut out the numbers and my daughter helped me adhere the numbers to the record. We will definitely use this creation in my home, not only as a clock , but also as a decoration for our movie room. We were looking for interesting retro decorations for our movie room and this fits the bill! This could also be used as a teaching tool for children to help them learn to tell time.


This project definitely helped me think of creative ways to use unrelated items. I also had to learn to let go of my perfectionism. This was purely an experiment in creativity and not designed to create a perfect product. In a way that was completely freeing because I could focus on creating , rather than the end result.


Has anyone ever tried to turn a craft or hobby into a business? Did you find this to work well for you or did you feel your creativity was constrained by the “business” of creating?


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