Digital and Media Literacy


What is Digital and media literacy?


Digital and media literacy is the ability to create and analyze content on a digital platform. The ability to design, create and refine a message in a variety of digital and media channels based on the audience, timing and objective is a critical skill in the field of communications.

Stuart Miles with

Stuart Miles with


What have I learned about digital media? (So What?)

  1. My favorite digital and media literacy project was the Textual Analysis – Gendered Communications in the Workplace in COMM 610. The reason this was my favorite project was because it was my first experience using Prezi. I am required to use PowerPoint in my day job and this program’s functionality is limited. When I created my digital project using Prezi, I was ecstatic with the functionality. I was able to present the information I learned in a dynamic and interesting fashion. The tool allowed me to organize my learnings and present them in a visually appealing medium. I also learned a lot through the topic of gendered communications and was able to directly apply these learnings in my everyday life.
  2. I created a podcast on the topic of employee identification, which greatly helped me understand how to create a script and present using this forum. I had never recorded a podcast prior to entering this program, so this was extremely beneficial. I tried several methods for recording a dynamic podcast. I first attempted to record a podcast without writing myself a script, and I found that I would get tripped up on my words. I then tried to write an outline, and just touch on the topics I wanted to cover, but I would find that I would ramble on during certain points. Finally, I discovered what worked for me the best was to write my entire script and then ad lib as needed. This allowed me to fall back on my script when needed, but also focus on the infliction of my voice and engagement, not just the words. I also found that I had to exaggerate my emotions and engagement level during a podcast to convey personality during the session.
  3. My favorite digital medium is video. I discovered through this course that I love recording videos and it helps me convey the message. I feel like I’m connecting with the audience better through video than podcast. A podcast feels a bit empty to me, but a video allows me to use non-verbal communication to convey as message as well. My favorite video is the one I shot for the MacFury Marketing faux Press Release. This assignment was fun because we were able to review a case study and design a press release to practice communications crisis management. I enjoyed both writing the script and shooting this video.
  4. The Communications Digital Project Portfolio blog is another example of digital and media literacy. We created this blog at the beginning of our program and we’ve contributed to it during every course throughout the program. This allowed us to learn more about creating a website, using graphics, blogging and engaging readers.
  5. As part of my final Communications Capstone experience, I’m developing a digital project,, to engage mother runners. This is another example of digital and media literacy, as I’ve had to create a website, design a site map, create graphics, develop content and engage readers via social media.



Now What?


The obvious next step for me is to continue my capstone experience and further develop the website,, as well as a social media platform, including Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.I will also apply digital and media literacy to my daily work, as I’m launching a new digital forum for employees, which uses videos to engage employees. Personally, I also want to further grow my running website and running community. Further developing the digital platform will allow me to further my knowledge in this area.

Reflections on Learning Outcomes

  1. Theoretical Literacy
  2. Research Literacy
  3. Digital and Media Literacy
  4. Writing Literacy
  5. Ethical Consideration
  6. Global Awareness
  7. Comprehensive Communications Project

Courses in my program

  1. COM 601 Communication Fluency
  2. COM 610 The Social Creation of Organizing
  3. COM 613 Constructing Messages and Audiences
  4. COM 616 Communicating Mindfully
  5. COM 624 Communication and Culture in a Networked Society
  6. COM 629 Leadership, Empowerment, and the Management of Meaning
  7. COM 638 Strategic Communication for Global Audiences
  8. COM 655 The Mediated Self and Changing Relationships
  9. COM 658 Creativity and Networks
  10. COM 664 Organizational Identity and Brand
  11. COM 680 Expanding Communication Boundaries
  12. COM 681 Launching Passion into Practice


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